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On 7 Ekim, 2016
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In this review, I want to show you my Optimizepress review. Please read. Thank you!

OptimizePress is a one-of-a-kind WordPress theme that is designed to help you set up catchy and professional sales pages, membership sites and squeeze pages. By activating this theme, you can gain instant access to a wide selection of custom page templates that you can use for your business. In fact, it has revolutionized the way sales pages and marketing squeeze pages are made, thus making your job as an online marketer much easier than ever. With the launch of OptimizePress 2 in the last week of  July 2013, there is more to expect and gain from this upcoming product by the creator of OptimizePress.

Here we are doing an detailed optimizepress 2 review.

optimizepress 2.0 review
optimizepress 2 review

Brilliant Features of OptimizePress 2

James Dyson, the genius behind OptimizePress, has announced the new release of OptimizePress 2, which gives more internet marketers something to look forward to. In his teaser video, he presented some of the more intuitive and advanced features that you can expect from this latest product.

Here are some Keypoints of Optimizepress 2 Review from Top Internet Marketer

1. More powerful squeeze pages

If you have been accustomed to list building, you might have noticed minimal conversion rates from using a marketing type of squeeze pages that include a headline and hyped up bullet points. Unfortunately, these squeeze pages hardly ever work because all they do is attempt to entice people to sign up so a mysterious and dubious product. Thus, you need to include essential elements in your squeeze page such as education and branding to sell more and gain higher conversion rates. To build better branding opportunities and trust to potential customers, your squeeze page should include significant items such as your personal profile, professional picture, success stories and testimonies, and an eye-catchy header and footer. OptimizePress2 contains over 50 landing page templates, which give you a chance to include 250+ pre-made elements inside that will definitely grab your viewers’ attention.

Even if people decide not to sign up for your product or free offer right away, they will remember you and your brand. When you present a more relevant product eventually, these people are most likely to sign up because you have gained their trust and confidence in your offers (after they have read the product description, customer testimonials and your personal profile).


2. Easy ways to test your landing pages

Testing and improving your landing pages are crucial tasks that every internet marketer should perform to ensure the profitability of their business. When testing these pages, some people use Google Experiments or Visual Website Optimizer, which work well in complex landing pages. Moreover, some people used to edit and produce copies of the same HTML pages before OptimizePress was released in the market. While OptimizePress was a great help in terms of testing landing pages, you may still need to edit some crucial elements in your page.

With OptimizePress2, you can spare yourself from the intricate process of testing these pages. This new release comes with a point-and-click Live Editor, which is particularly helpful for online marketers who lack coding skills and knowledge. With over 250 elements, it is hassle-free to create variations of a site.

3. Quick ways to build a range of hub pages

High-converting marketing sites, otherwise referred to as hubs, help turn your website into a place for all your internet marketing activities. These sites place a great emphasis on creating search engine optimized, social media ready sites with quality content. OptimizePress helps you create a blog site with a standard template, and it comes with social share buttons to help you spread the word about your site.

However, OptimizePress2 has more to offer when it comes to building various hub pages including membership sites, webinar replay pages, sales pages, product feature pages, and blogs. You can also choose from hundreds of customizable blog templates that can further enhance your site.


4. Responsive website design

It is not a big surprise that a growing number of people access the internet using their mobile devices, so you need to create responsive websites to meet the demands of your customers. Although OptimizePress allows you to create stunning pages that with videos that can play perfectly on mobile, they lack responsiveness. Hence, users need to scroll and turn the page around to check the content on your blog or sales page.

With OptimizePress2, you can create 100 percent responsive web pages that automatically changes and resizes to match the screen size of the device you are using. This feature also allows you to build a killer squeeze page or website with minimal effort.

Bottom Line

OptimizePress 2 makes it easy for amateur or experienced internet marketers to create the finest landing pages and squeeze pages for their business. With the extensive features and upgrades included in the new release, you can get ahead of your competitors in the industry and expect a massive return on your investment.

In this review, I want to show you my Optimizepress review. Please read. Thank you!
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