Oral-B PRO 1000 Review


The Oral B 1000 Professional care toothbrush is one of the most user friendly electrical toothbrush in the market; you will surely be able to get more returns with small payouts. Its regular as well as superior cleaning technology is proven with lots of clinical tests; most of professionals appreciate its cross action type brush head that cover all portions of your mouth easily with the help of 3D cleaning technology and bristles angled at 16 degrees. It pulsates and rotates perfectly while cleaning so that 100 percent cleaning can be ensured.

Oral-B Pro 1000
Oral-B Pro 1000


  • It consists of a timer that helps you to determine how long you must use it on teeth.
  • High quality pressure sensors provide indication if you are using your electrical toothbrush very hard on teeth. Doctors say that over brushing can cause too much damage to your teeth so Oral B manufacturers have created most effective solution for you where brush itself reminds you able gentle handling of brush.
  • Oral B 1000 brush works with 3D cleaning technology that offers high precision cleaning and you will be glad to know that complete performance of this toothbrush clinically proven.

This superior quality brush works with three modes that are whitening, sensitive and daily clean; so now you need not to go for separate products to ensure overall safety of your teeth because Oral B 1000 will offer you high quality cleaning all the time. Most of users love its compact size that enables it to clean all corners of mouth efficiently; it is simply all in one solution.

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Superior cleaning with 16 degree angle bristles:

Oral B 1000 toothbrush offers cross action cleaning feature because all its bristles are set at 16 degree angle. They are enough capable to reach at deepest corner of teeth and take away 100 percent plaque to ensure superior as well as regular manual toothbrush.

Pro timer:

It consists of a 30 second on handle timer that helps users to switch between one quadrant to other quadrant of mouth. As dentists recommend only two minutes for complete brushing, pro timer formula helps you to take care of this timing so that your teeth always stays damage free.

What I will get in this pack?

This pack includes one Oral B professional as well as high quality handle, one brush head with cross action feature and one charger. Your fully charged Oral B 1000 toothbrush can easily serve you for 7 days regularly so you need not to worry about its charging. This is the only toothbrush in market that ensures you guaranteed performance for teeth cleaning but make sure that you use right technique to brush your teeth. This brush is designed with all quality features and it adds more care to your teeth cleaning. You will never be able to get such incredible results with any of the brushes available in this category; this electrical toothbrush is best option for your travelling hours and long hour battery backup ensures better returns.


  • Well Made, Feels Ergonomic
  • Efficient at removing plaque
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Rechargeable Battery (Environmentally Friendly)
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  • Noisy during usage
  • Issues with the “Pressure Sensor”

Last Words

This was a model that was recommended by my personal dentist. The Oral B 1000 is an exceptional brush that gives you the best value for your money. It performs comparably to more expensive models just without the additional gimmicks. Overall it is well balanced and would act as a good entry electronic toothbrush.


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