En Popüler 70 İnternet Sitesi [SÜPER LİSTE]


İnternette çok fazla internet sitesi var ve bu sitelerden faydalanmak için siteleri hafızamızda tutmak gerekli olabilir. Bu internet siteleri içerisinde dünyada çokça ziyaret edilen ve bazıları da çok fazla bilinmeyen internet sitelerini sizler için derledim.

Bu yazıyı yer imlerine kaydetmenizi tavsiye ederim. Çünkü bazen bu siteleri hızlıca ziyaret etmeniz için bu yazıyı ziyaret edebilir ve farklı sitelere de erişim sağlayabilirsiniz.

O halde sizler için en popüler 70 internet sitesinin listesini sunayım:

70. Paytm – Recharge mobiles or pay bills with this service
69. GSMArena – Review and Specifications of latest mobiles and Tablets
68. Dell – Official Website of Dell Computers
67. Espn Official Website of sport giant ESPN
66. Addthis – Popular software that provides social marketing services
65. Goodreads – Recommend and reviews books online
64. Mozilla.org – Official website of Mozilla browser
63. Shutterstock – Biggest Database of Royalty free images
62. Skype – Popular Video Chat service
61. Businessinsider – News related to Business and tech market.
60. Themeforrest – Largest database of WordPress themes
59. W3Schools – Online school to learn HTML CSS and Many other computer languages
58. Softonic – Home to many apps and software
57. Wikihow – Biggest ‘How-to’ website
56. Deviantart – Artists submit their artistic images.
55. Livejournal – Social Networking website that allows to publish journals
54. Godaddy – Biggest Domain Registrar
53. 9gag – Home to Funny pics and GIFs
52. Feedly – News Aggregator Service
51. About – User submitted content network
50. Bestbuy – Online store of many products
49. Salesforce – Cloud Computing Service
48. Gmail – Email Service provided by Google
47. Ikea – Official Website of furniture company
46. Weather – Know about weather of any city in real time
45. Tripadvisor – Reviews of Hotels and Resorts all around the globe.
44. Slideshare – Upload and Download User submitted slides
43. Soundcloud – Famous Audio sharing website
42. Etsy – Place to Buy and Sell Homemade products
41. Flickr – Image hosting service provided by Yahoo
40. Forbes – Official Website of Forbes Magazine
39. Adf.ly – URL Shortening service
38. Cnet – Write reviews and news of tech products
37. Quora – Famous Question and Answer website
36. Yelp – User share reviews on the website.
35. Twitch.tv – Live Video Streaming Website
34. BankofAmerica – Official Website of Bank of America
33. Walmart – Official Website of Walmart
32. Chase – Official Website of Chase Bank
31. Buzzfeed – Popular Content sharing website
30. Wikia – User edited wiki website
29. Dropbox – File Hosting Service
28. Dailymotion – Video Uploading Site
27. Github – Online Repository
26. CNN –Official website of Media Giant CNN
25. Kat.cr – Torrent Website. Shut down in 2016 but Clone websites are still working.
24. Booking – Popular website used for booking hotels
23. Outbrain – Online Marketing Website
22. Adcash – Popular Advertising program
21. Adsense – The most loved website for bloggers. Advertising service by google.
20. Diply – Launched in 2013, DIply turned out to be one of the most famous Viral Marketing website.
19. Craigslist – Known for its unique service of classified listings.
18. StackOverflow – Popular among programmers.
17. Netflix – The most popular movie and TV show streaming service.
16. IMDB – Internet Movie Data Base. Search about any movie, TV show or actor on this list.
15. Paypal – Elon Musk’s Dream Project which is now one of the largest paying system in India.
14. OnClickads – A Popular Advertising Network
13. Imgur – You will get addicted to this fun image sharing website.
12. Tumblr – A Mix of Microblogging and Social Networking. It is known for its wide fan base.
11. WordPress.com – The Best CMS in the world. Many popular blogs use it.
10. Pinterest – Image sharing website, Popular among Fashion lovers.
9. Reddit – The biggest social bookmarking website in world.
8. Instagram – Number One Photo Sharing website. Popular for Celebrity accounts on it.
7. Blogspot – Part of Blogger, A Blogging service provided by Google.
6. Twitter– Number One Micro blogging service.
5. Yahoo – Provides Multiple services including email accounts.
4. Wikipedia – The Biggest Source of Knowledge on Internet.
3. Amazon – Number One eCommerce Site. It also provides cloud computing services. Alexa is one of the services provided by Amazon.
2. Youtube – Video Upload Site, best for Entertainment and education
1. Facebook – Number one Social networking website since 2000s.

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